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CUBIST: Semantic Business Intelligence Supporting Payload Operations

Today, in space control centre operations, much time is spent on transferring, discussing, reviewing, and copying information between the operations partners. The search and replay of operational data for the correct analysis of the on-board situation is also time-consuming. This problem is especially emphasized by the fact that many of the data stores are distributed and have different user interfaces. The current operations show an increasing need for a system providing the operator with a unified interface for fast access to information and analytics, especially during anomalous situations where time constraints are stronger. The FP7 project for Combining and Uniting Business Intelligence with Semantic Technologies (CUBIST) envisions combining Business Intelligence and Semantic technologies to aggregate various sources available to the operators, providing support in analysis and decision making on console. The CUBIST concept will be applied on the data resources of the SOLAR payload, a long-term ESA mission on the International Space Station. CUBIST allows to quickly analyze complex data patterns and to extract essential and relevant information, which is crucial in real-time space operations.

Applying conceptual analysis to space data

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